Monday, February 27, 2012

Homemade Detergent

I came across this blog post and was intrigued.  I am always looking for ways to DIY things around the house in order to save money or make our home a little more green.  I decided as expensive as laundry detergent is, it would be worth trying to make my own! 

So, I pulled out the cheese grater and got to work. 

I mixed everything together, did a load of laundry and have been using this detergent recipe ever since! 

It only takes one scoop per load (I used a spare coffee scoop, about 2 tablespoons), so this large batch I made recently may last us forever!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


 Lately, there haven't been any major projects happening at the Hurst household. I have spruced up a few small things and tried to keep with my "simple" theme for 2012. So far, life in 2012 has been pretty simple for the most part. Pretty GOOD actually. We have nothing to complain about and are feeling really blessed.   

I made this moss "H" to hang on our front door for the Christmas holidays and recently moved it inside to add some greenery to our front entry area.  It's just leaning against the wall. Super simple little spruce, and I really love it. 

I found this beautiful frame at HomeGoods (or TJMaxx, I think) and it houses one of my favorite pictures of Alan and I from our first anniversary trip to NYC. If you can't tell, we're in Central Park. (I'm thankful for my husband's long arms and a wide angle lens in times like these. They come in handy on trips).

I am always seeking out plants to add to our house plant collection. They aid in cleaning the air within our home and allow me a good reason to bring a little outside in! This is a snake plant that I have wanted for a while. I finally found the perfect pot and decided it was time to bring one home! I really love it, and better yet, it needs very little attention. Only a little water every now and then. 

Another little spot in our home that I adore.  (Go figure, there's another plant. And, Marley and Me, of course). 

We installed curtains in our great room (living and dining areas). 

I found a few pillow covers, handmade in India, that add just a little pop of color to our living room. I wasn't sure if they were really our style, but they were on sale, and I took a chance. I really like them! Their details are beautiful and they are from a beautiful local fair trade shop, EarthLover, in downtown Thomasville. Check out their online store!

My Mom made us the BEST anniversary gift ever. She explored my Pinterest page and decided on this sweet map idea! It's hanging in our back entryway (our main entry) and we get to see it everyday! It's really one of my favorite things in our home.  Handmade gifts are the greatest. Hands down. (Thank you Mom)!

The furballs are still holding down the fort here too.  Sweet Baxter....

And Harley, who got a new bed for the living room, so we moved her old bed to the office, where she likes to spend time with me (and chew on peanut butter bones) while I'm working.

How has your year been?