Monday, June 6, 2011

Window Buds

When my mom was here visiting a while back, she found us some window boxes at the thrift store for a few bucks each.

I picked up some annuals at Home Depot last weekend. I would rather buy perennials that come back each year, but since they were only 88 cents a piece, I decided that $15 on flowers wasn't too bad. 

With some help from Alan, we got them hung up in two of our front windows, and I planted the salvia, purslane, and vinca.  

We are looking forward to watching them grow from inside

and outside

What's in my bag...and other things I love

I came across this post from Ashley at (never home)maker and thought it would be the perfect way to share some things I am loving right now.  

For starters, I love my new purse. It was given to me by a very generous client (and friend).
(I love my new sandals too)

In my bag.... (after cleaning out some things that needed throwing away... receipts, paper scraps, etc)

I just got back from the library, after picking up some books on my summer reading list. Since our local library is pretty crummy, I only found two of the books on my list: This is Where I leave You and The Glass Castle.  I started the Glass Castle first and am really enjoying it.  

My new purse is much larger than ones I usually carry, but I am loving the extra room, the beautiful lining, and that it's eco friendly and fair trade.  

It's the perfect summer accessory.

I love embellished tops and want to make a few myself when I find the extra time.  I bought this one and love it for summer with shorts and flip flops. I wore it to work this day with a pair of jeans and my new sandals. 

What are you loving this summer?  Do you have any great book recommendations that I need to add to my reading list?