Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Green Monster

No, we aren't moving to Boston anytime soon. However, if we did live in Beantown we would definitely be frequenting Fenway and the Green Monster.

The Green Monster I am referring to happened to be located right in the living room of our quaint little home.

It was a sore spot of the house while we were touring it for the first time.  Then, we found out it was brand new! I couldn't help it, I literally laughed out loud when our realtor told us.  It really just wasn't our style AT ALL! 

The Green Monster did not keep us from falling in love with the house though.  It was just one the many things that was high on our list to change whenever we got the chance.

Enough talk about this so called Green Monster.  Let me just show you, and you can be the judge of whether or not it's actually a monster.  So, without further ado, I introduce to you The. Green. Monster.
I know, this isn't a picture of JUST the Green Monster, but it was the best picture we had to really show off the Monster in all it's green glory.  Please meet our kitty Baxter who was convinced the Monster was grass.  I mean, can you blame him?  

Then, the minute we returned from our wedding in New York City (more on that a little later) we ripped that bad boy right up and out the back door it went.
We always try to sell or give away things we aren't using anymore, like our green carpet, that was practically brand new, but we kind of cringed at the thought of actually posting it on Craigslist.  Ironically, it quickly got rained on after its landing on the lawn.  So, it had to go straight to the dump. 

Come back to see before pictures of our living and dining rooms.  Don't worry, there's no more green carpet! 

So the story begins

Welcome to Hurst @ Home!
If you don't already know us, head over to our About Us page to learn a bit about us.

Even though we are just starting this blog, or, should I say, even though I am just starting this blog, I am pretty sure I can promise, without a doubt, my husband, Alan will not be writing any blog posts anytime soon.  Or ever. Never the less, I like to think that maybe one day he will grow to understand my love for blogging, and reading blogs and write a post or two. I'm not holding my breath.  I will, however, say "we" because I am not in this adventure alone. by. any. means.

Actually, to be exact.  Alan is the one that started it all, and even though we are just starting this blog, the journey of our little home started over a year ago.  

As I was saying, this all began with Alan.  After graduating from college, he received a job offer, the ONLY job offer he received (which, if you knew what he went to school for, you would think it was crazy that he didn't get offers thrown at him from every corner of the state, but that's for another post all together.) See, we were lucky enough to have graduated college at the exact time that the economy pretty much fell apart.  You remember that one right?  Oh yea, I'm sure you probably already blocked it out.  Well, anyways, he found a job! Yippee!  

Since he had a job, he certainly needed someplace to live.  Since Alan's parents only live a short half hour drive from Moultrie, where he would be working, he figured he would just stay with them for a bit.  The commute wasn't that bad.  

Well, after putting a lot of thought into it, Alan decided to look for a house to buy.  With my help,the help of Alan's parents, and my mom's Realtor expertise, we found a place that would be just perfect for him.  Not too big, not too small.  Just right.

This is what the sweet little three bed, 2 bath, 1400 square foot house looked like when he moved into it in August of 2009.  It has great bones, and even though the previous owners did many things to the inside of the house to improve it's look, we could tell that it had a hard life before we found it and we were excited to give it a little love and TLC! 

Come back to see what the inside looked like before we took sledge hammers to it. 

I have two words to leave you with:  green carpet.  

I know, I know, you're excited.  But, trust me, it can wait.  It might burn your eyes.  Trust me, it will burn.