About Us

Hey Y'all!

Photo courtesy of Red Fly Studio
I am Amanda, and this is my husband, Alan.  We are the Hursts.  We are newlyweds (pretty much), living in the deep South.  So deep, I bet you don't even know where it is and I'm positive you have never heard of it. Unless of course, you are our parents.  Well, if you want to go grab your Georgia map I will wait.....  Okay, so, find Atlanta, and go South until you hit Macon, and then go further South until you see the little town of Moultrie.  It's pretty far down there and may take you a second to find it, that is, if it's even on your map.  Well, if you ever get a chance to visit, I promise you won't be disappointed. However, it is small town Georgia, and certainly isn't for everyone.

We wouldn't want to live anywhere else and are so happy to have started our life together here and in a house we simply adore.  

That's the main reason we're here.  To share with you our adventures in homeownership.  I guess really, they are sometimes more like misadventures.  However, I am probably the one with more misadventures than Alan, since he's pretty much the smartest, handiest man I know (beside my Dad of course).  Alan. can. fix. anything.  (oh yea, and conveniently, he's the most handsome man I know too.)

Anyways, enough about my hot husband, back to the more important stuff. We have decided to document the journey of our home because we really wanted a way to share with our family and friends all the changes we have been making to our home since we moved in, (and what a great way for us to remember as well, you know, a sort of digital journal and photo album all in one).  

Since practically all of our family members live pretty far away and don't always get a chance to visit as much as we'd like, I hope this blog satisfies their cravings to see our home how it began, and what it has evolved into.