Saturday, January 1, 2011

Recycle your 2010 Calendar

I always have calendars that have some really great pictures or artwork and there was no exception for 2010! Our 2010 calendar had beautiful images of New York City. So, in an effort to recycle some artwork from our old calendar, in this case, a map (I. simply. love. maps), I whipped up these coasters.  Why coasters?

Maybe it is because I am picky, but really, it's simply because we like to do things on the cheap around the Hurst house. I just can't justify spending $20 on coasters that I don't even like. I didn't have any luck finding coasters that actually looked good.  They all had monograms, or weird things that I just didn't care for.  I just wanted something simple to set our drinks on. That's all. Nothing fancy.

After coming across these tutorials and already having some artwork in mind (that aforementioned map) that I could recycle, I knew my best bet was to simply make my own. 

And, let me tell you, they are so easy, and even better, they can be personalized anyway you want. 

Here, you can see my map from the 2009 section of our calendar.

Then, I picked up a few plain white tiles from Lowe's.  I think they were about 18 cents each.  

Next, I did some measuring, and then some cutting.

Next, I glued my map to the tile with Modge Podge and then cut some cork to size (it's actually self adhesive drawer liner). 

After letting the glue dry, I peeled the cork, and placed it on the back of the tile.  Then, I applied a coat of modge podge on top of my map. Once they were good and dry, I then sprayed them with a clear coat of glossy sealer to help protect them.

Since I already had the calendar and modge podge, all I had to buy were the tiles and cork drawer liner. Both of which I found at Lowe's for a total of about $7 and I have enough drawer liner to make a ton (literally, an entire bathroom worth of tile coasters).

I let them dry for a day or so before using them and am really happy with the results.   

They are just what I wanted: simple and inexpensive! (and, I like the way they look much better than any coasters I came across in the stores). Win! Win! Win!

Happy New Year and Thank you for reading! I am thankful for your kind comments, and I hope that you find something here you can use to make your house a home! 

Cheers to 2011!       


  1. I. LOVE. THIS!!!!! These would make great Christmas Presents!

  2. UHHH!!! This is AWESOME!! Ok I'm thinking a trip to Wal-Mart/Lowe's this weekend is necessary! Where did you get the awesome cutting board with measurements and roller cutting thing?

  3. A friend of mine is making personal coasters like this and selling them on Etsy. Mostly of pictures that people send her (and people send her the WEIRDEST things to make coasters of!) but she has told me how easy they are to make! I need a Boston map now!

  4. Robin,
    If only I had the time. I could sell so many things on Etsy! Geesh!
    That's too funny..and perhaps I can get my hands on some cool Boston maps. I may have some connections.