Saturday, February 12, 2011

From Our Kitchen :: Sweets for my Sweet

Alan and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.  It's just something we've never done.  In my opinion, it's a Hallmark holiday.  Why do I need ONE day out of the year to show the people I love HOW much I love them by giving them cards, candy, and flowers? 

My goal EVERY day of the year is to make sure the people I love know they are loved.  I try to do a good job of that...sometimes I don't always succeed, or get to tell them in person, but I think they all know who they are. 

Sorry Valentine's lovers... I just haven't ever been able to jump on that bandwagon.  I don't know if it's the fact that pink is my least favorite color, or that roses are my least favorite flower, or the fact that I am cheap and don't see the point in buying things just for buying's sake...I don't know what it is.

So, with that anti-Valentine intro, I thought I would share with you something I whipped up in the kitchen today.  I came across this post and thought these cookies were just too pretty.  I had to make some for Alan, since sugar cookies are one of his favorites. 
I love being in the kitchen, and will come up with any excuse to use my beautiful new KitchenAid Mixer that Alan gave me for Christmas.  I followed Jenny's recipe exactly, and the cookies cooked up super quick and easy. And, yes, they are heart-shaped. If I am giving anyone something for Valentine's Day, it's going to be homemade sweets for my sweet.  
But it definitely doesn't have to be a holiday in our house to bake up something sweet.  These will definitely be made again.  The recipe is on it's way to the keeper pile for future use.

Have you done something sweet for the people you love today?  Well, if not, be sure to tomorrow, and the next day, and the next!

Thanks for stopping by our kitchen! We LOVE that you were able to come by!


  1. i agree about vday- why only express your love one specific day & these cookies look delish! :)

  2. I LOVE that you could've possibly made too many and bring the left overs for creative (except Ted) on Monday.

  3. You do a wonderful job of letting me know I am loved by you... just saying! And yes I completely agree with you on pink and roses and v-day. :)

  4. I totally agree with you about V-day. Some women get all bent out of shape because their man didn't do what they thought he should of on that particular day. I have always said....don't you want your man to show you how much he loves you and appreciates you daily....why just that one day?

    Anywho ~ to each their own....I reckon.

    Your cookies look sooooo good :)

  5. So glad you didn't get my cooking gene. You are soo much better. Love U and hope you and my GREAT SUN-IN-LAW have a great day. Yes I spelled it that way on purpose.

  6. Thanks for sharing my recipe - I'm so glad it worked perfectly for you!

    Jenny Steffens Hobick

  7. Sooooo I think when I grow up, I want to be like you! I love your blog and I have realized how un-crafty I am! I am picking up tips form you!

  8. Jenny! Thanks so much for sharing such great recipes on your blog! I love reading!

    Katelyn, you are NOT un-crafty! You ARE crazy though for thinking that :) I can't believe I have yet to see your house. I have GOT to get over there and check it out!