Monday, June 6, 2011

What's in my bag...and other things I love

I came across this post from Ashley at (never home)maker and thought it would be the perfect way to share some things I am loving right now.  

For starters, I love my new purse. It was given to me by a very generous client (and friend).
(I love my new sandals too)

In my bag.... (after cleaning out some things that needed throwing away... receipts, paper scraps, etc)

I just got back from the library, after picking up some books on my summer reading list. Since our local library is pretty crummy, I only found two of the books on my list: This is Where I leave You and The Glass Castle.  I started the Glass Castle first and am really enjoying it.  

My new purse is much larger than ones I usually carry, but I am loving the extra room, the beautiful lining, and that it's eco friendly and fair trade.  

It's the perfect summer accessory.

I love embellished tops and want to make a few myself when I find the extra time.  I bought this one and love it for summer with shorts and flip flops. I wore it to work this day with a pair of jeans and my new sandals. 

What are you loving this summer?  Do you have any great book recommendations that I need to add to my reading list? 


  1. The Lovely Bones

    The Pelican Brief

    Playing For Pizza

  2. Did you read The Help yet? Must read before the movie comes out in August. Mary Kay Andrews' Summer Rental because she will make you laugh so hard and forget your troubles! I call it mind candy!

    Girl, I love that bag! May need to search for that one! The more space the better for me during the summer!

  3. :) I've missed reading your blogs! Love the top, love the bag, and I also have been wanting to read some CS Lewis and Donald Miller! Tell me which ones on your list are must reads!

  4. Hey Amanda! I finally getting a few minutes to catch up on my favorite blogs. I read the Glass Castle and enjoyed it much. If you haven't read the Story of Edgar Sawtail - you must! It's poetry!

    Your and Allan's home is beautiful! I've enjoyed all of your to-do lists!


  5. Amanda-- thank you so much for the book ideas :) I love reading your blog to see all the new ideas you've come up with! I see someone already recommended "the help" which is what I was going to tell you to add to your list... glad to see you are doing so well! -Laura