Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

How are you celebrating? 

I worked this morning, then headed to Lowe's for some plants to finally add around our mailbox. Everything I have tried planting in the past hasn't survived in the hot sun, so I am trying again, with some full-sun Lantana. 

I'm crossing my fingers, watering daily, fertilizing weekly (like the little card said to do), and praying I can turn my black thumb into a green one. Baby steps. Baby steps. I am determined to have a beautiful flower and plant-filled yard! 

I am undecided about whether to make an actual flower bed, with mulch. Since Lantana is a mounding plant, I am hoping once they grow more and fill in the whole area, a defined bed won't really be needed. Only time will tell. I will keep you posted on the progress (barring any plant fatalities).  

This afternoon I caught myself admiring the pretty little wreath I whipped up over the weekend! 

I was inspired by a wreath that I found on Pinterest. Mine turned out a bit different since I had two colors, used outdoor ribbon, instead of grosgrain, and decided to cut the ribbon a tad differently.
I simply tied lengths of ribbon to a metal clothes hanger (bent into a circle). It took about an hour and half to make. 

It definitely wasn't very patriotic until I hung it on our bright red door!

I hope everyone has enjoyed some downtime today and taken some time to thank those that serve! 

I am honored to come from a military family and truly proud to be an American! 

Happy Fourth of July Everyone! 

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