Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finding Time

Lately, I feel as if I have no time to do the things I want to do. The things I HAVE to do are top on my priority list, unfortunately. That's how life works though, right, we're too busy paying bills and scheduling appointments that we forget to actually LIVE!

If I had my way, I would spend my days doing what I love - living what I love (photography, working on house projects, crafts, blogging), but instead, I spend my days at work and then return home and start on the endless amounts of laundry, dishes, and chores (or so it seems). 

Most recently, the chores have been neglected. As I sit here there is a kitchen full of dishes that need cleaning, a bathroom that needs scrubbing and trash that needs emptying, but for today, I'm okay with that. Today I did the things I love, instead of the things I had to do.  

So, whenever the chores are done, hopefully I will be back to blogging. I will add it to my to-do list, which is somewhere around 10 pages...give or take 10 or 20.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

(Photo above: Last week I found some time to revamp my house plants. I repotted a few, purchased a few new ones and added pea gravel to the tops to hold in more moisture. Hopefully they will thrive.)


  1. Love the pots and love your philosophy of taking time to live! We all have to do that every now and then. Thanks for reminding us!

  2. Oh how I know how you feel! Thanks for your honesty and reminder to slow down and enjoy what we love! And with that being the case I need to slow down and call you!