Friday, October 29, 2010

Candy Corn Crafts

With Halloween around the corner, I wanted to share with you how we have made our home a little more festive for the holiday.  

I came across this Woman's Day magazine and it instantly caught my eye. Along with the wreath, there are some great projects featured within.  

I had grand plans to make a couple of the projects, however, after being sick for longer than I ever expected, I only got around to making one of them, the candy corn garland.
It turned out great and since it was so easy, anyone can create it at home.

All you need is a bag of candy corn, a needle, and fishing line.  Since I had fishing line and a needle on hand, we only had to buy a $2 bag of candy corn.  

Simply string your fishing line with candy corn, but be careful not to string the candies directly on the lines where the colors change, as the candy corns tend to break easier as those points.  Alan zapped our candy corn for 15-25 seconds in the microwave to make stringing a bit easier and it helped move the project along much quicker.  

Don't worry if some of your candies break. You can't win 'em all.  We just saved the broken ones and ate them when we needed a little something sweet.  
Once our entire bag was strung, we simply tied off the ends and hung it up!

Unfortunately, as the candies have slowly started to dry out, they have been breaking more and more easily.  I am planning to spray it with a clear coat of spray paint to see if that will help preserve the garland for use next year.  The garland strand is pretty heavy as well, so hanging it got to be quite a challenge, but we finally found a good spot for it on our chalkboard!


  1. Too cute! It doesn't hurt that your superb photography make these items look magazine quality!!!

  2. Ummmm hello! Where did you find that chalkboard!? I've been wanting one exactly like that!

    Did the clear spray paint work?

  3. Emily, my mom actually found a lady that makes the chalkboards from salvaged wood. I will look back and find her website for you.
    Sadly enough, I'm not sure if the spray paint would have worked or not. I sprayed the garland, and set it out to dry, and rained. So, the sugary treats were done for. I will have to try it again next year.