Monday, October 25, 2010

Front Porch for Fall

Since the weather has begun to get a bit colder (just a bit) here in Georgia, we have been feeling the need to spruce up our front porch accordingly for the coming season.  Something felt a little off about the table and chair set we currently have on the porch.  

Perhaps it was the vibrant summer hued stripes!

Well, after finding some cream colored seat covers at Lowe's for only $2.50 a piece, we knew it would be the perfect answer to neutralizing our chairs and making it feel a little less like summer on our porch.

The only problem:  The seat cover wasn't wide enough, and the top needed to be just a tad bigger in order to cover up the top of the chair.

Before returning the covers to the store, I shopped around the house to see if I had any fabric that might work to help fix the problem.  What I found was the laundry bag I used when I was living in the dorms to lug my dirty clothes down to the laundry room.  It had been hanging up in the laundry room, unused since we moved in. 

It was the perfect waterproof material to use on the porch chairs that would be exposed to the elements.  The bag was large, and gave me plenty of material to use for the chair seats.  With a little cutting and a few minutes at the sewing machine I was able to simply use the existing (summer striped) covers as a pattern for new covers.  

The colors in the fabric were perfect to help us add some autumn shades to our porch. 

For only about $5 and a little time, we have a completely new set of covers for our porch chairs.  

Next up, I'll share some other things we've done with the porch since we moved in, along with some more recent additions for the fall.


  1. Aww, I remember that wonderful laundry bag, wow I love it's new purpose in life. So ingenious you are, where do you get this from??? Must get your craftiness from your Nanie. Love the fall look, can't wait for MORE !!!!

  2. You are flippin' amazing! I so wish you lived closer so that we could combine our talents (well mostly yours, but I would want to ride on your coattails!!!). This is great!!!!! So "green" of you to repurpose.

  3. Robin, that would be amazing if we lived close enough to tag team :) However, we love Moultrie so much, we don't foresee leaving anytime soon. Oh well, I guess we can daydream about how awesome that would be!

  4. I love this! I'm making you come to my house to help me decorate asap!! Maybe you can teach me to be creative

    I am so proud to know you; to call you my friend. Yes, it sounds corny, but it's the truth.
    Did I mention that YOU ARE AMAZING?!

  6. How stinking cute!! You are soo creative and crafty! I want to grow up and be like you! (and yes I'm serious!)

  7. These are so cute! love the colors and that you did it for so cheap!