Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What We're Working With

As promised, we're sharing some before pictures of the inside of our little nest. Please note, Alan took these pictures right before we started tearing walls down, and they don't make it very easy to understand the layout of our home.  He was pretty much snapping away because I begged him to document it if I wasn't present for the demolition. 

So, to help you visualize, I drew up a quick "before floor plan" for you to peruse. (Please note: A. This is NOT drawn to scale (pretty close though), and B. Obviously, I am not an artist)

We quickly decided after moving in, that the front room of unnamed origin went completely UNUSED. It had carpet (nice, brand new, non-green carpet), which to us, meant it wasn't really supposed to be used for a dining room.  Then what would we use it for? A second living room?

We didn't use it for anything but storage.  Clearly, that was an incredible waste of really great living space, considering the size of the front room compared to our lil ol' den next door.  

Front Room (Front door is to the right)

Here, you will see the view from the kitchen.  The den is through the doorway to the left.  You can tell this floor plan made everything feel pretty closed off.

This is the only living area we occupied in the house, as the front room was so closed off and felt so far away, we didn't even use it.  Also, the fireplace (not seen in this photo) was a joy in the winter months.  You can see the lovely green carpet, as well as the painted paneling, which in person, is actually pretty inconspicuous. 

This is what you saw from the doorway of the living room/den.  A lot of wall if you ask me.  I am sure with some photos hanging on it, it wouldn't have look too bad, but we had bigger and better things in mind.

Finally, this view is from the foyer or dining room or large open area not quite large enough to call an actual room, where we come in the house, since our driveway is located in the back of our house. 

And, no we don't grow trees from our greener than grass carpet back there in the living room.  It was Christmastime and that's our adorable lil' ole tree.  I will share with you just how cute it was in another post.  

So, I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at what we are working with, or should I say, what we WERE working with.  I can't wait to share what happened next!  Let's just say, it looks like a completely different house. 


  1. Love the comment about the tree growing in the "green" carpet, cute !! Wow I actually forgot how the house looked, amazing results considering I've seen the finished project.

  2. Just get to the decorating already! Enough knocking down walls! Make it look dang cute . . . like y'all!