Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree

Well, we have had our tree up for over a week now, and I am just now getting it on here for you all to see.  I have officially named December as the busiest month of the year in our house.  

We traveled out to the Christmas Tree farm to pick out our perfect tree.  

After about 30 minutes debating over which tree we would take home we decided on the least horrible one in the whole place, chopped it down and carried it to get shaken out and bagged up.

We wanted a pine, and in the end, we probably should have left and gone to get an artificial tree. The selection was horrible, and I was pretty disappointed in the hole-filled tree we ended up with.  The only thing it had going for it was that it smelled amazing. 

So, remember those plans I had to decorate our tree with retro colored lights?

Well, the lights got purchased, and put on the tree. For about 5 minutes.  Yep, we put them on..and hated them.  
So, they got taken down, returned to the store, and exchanged for some whites one, which were much less expensive, and made our poor lil' tree look a little less sad. 
Ahhhh....Much better.  We used our ornaments to fill in all of the holes in our poor tree, cheated the REALLY bad side to the wall and now it looks much more festive and much less sad. It's definitely not the perfect tree, however, we have come to love it.

Baxter loves it most of all.  

So, how do you celebrate Christmas?  Do you put up a tree? Do you chop down your tree, or put up an artificial one? Do you use white lights or colored ones? Maybe we'll give colored lights another try next year.  Maybe we'll go with small ones next time. 


  1. Baxter isn't IN the tree I hope just laying at the bottom right? Now you see why people don't use colored lights !! Wish you had smellablog.

  2. No, he is laying on our very soft tree skirt.

  3. I LOVE YOUR TREEE!! SO beautiful!! the pinecones look great& your cats too cute :)
    i got an artificial tree & did white lights with soft blue and silver ornaments, next year im going to attempt to make some pinecones like yours :)
    ~rachel deneen

  4. Hahah! This made me laugh! I'm with your mom... I need a smellablog! The garland looks new from last year?? What is it?

  5. OK . . . we do both white and the big colored lights! We call them "Fat Nasties"! I have to have colored lights, sorry Momma Melton! :) Plus, with kids, they LOVE the colored ones! Charlotte learned very quickly "hot, hot". We still have an artificial tree and we put TONS of ornaments . . . some from when Bo and I were little, plus new ones, but COLOR is the key for us. LOTS of color! But I love your tree Amanda, and experimenting each year is fun! Enjoy!

  6. One year our cat climbed to the top of the tree and chewed through the star light. We heard screams and saw our tree traveling across the den floor with our cat pulling it like Rudolph. She never got over it and hated Christmas trees till the end :)