Thursday, December 30, 2010

Regularly Scheduled Programming

Now that the holidays have come and gone, we are back to share more home updates with you.  There are still quite a few that we have yet to show you, and many more that are currently in the works!

After living in our home for a couple of months, we realized one very important aspect missing from our kitchen.  A pantry.

We knew something was weird when had to move cups and plates to make room for cereal and crackers in our cupboards.  Then, we decided, after very generous friends and family showered us with lots of (small) kitchen appliances for our wedding that we had NO place to put our new wares.  

That's where this next project comes in. Our closet/pantry addition. 

With our extra wide "back foyer" area we had plenty of room to add a coat closet and pantry. Here's what it looked like before.

First, we tore down the chair rail and baseboards and measured with chalk on the tile, where we wanted our new closets to go.

Then, Alan framed up the walls

Next, the sheetrock, and doors were installed

Then, everything got a fresh coat of paint

Next, we installed crown molding throughout the entire foyer and hallway and this is how our new back foyer looks today.

Our coat closet holds, well, coats, along with our vacuum and some of Alan's extra beer brewing supplies.

And, our pantry, the workhorse, holds all of our food, serving dishes, Alan's home brewed beer, all of our small appliances, cookbooks, aprons, and any bulk items we might have that don't fit in the kitchen.

This (almost)weekend project (with the exception of multiple mudding coats that drywall always takes) came in at under $500, and, we pretty much don't know how we lived without these things! We use them everyday. We even catch ourselves asking one another "What did we do before we built these?"  We really don't know where everything went before.

In addition to the project being cheap cheap cheap, you can't even tell they were added, they literally fit right in, like they were supposed to always be there.  I think that maybe the builders of our house just forgot to put them in and didn't feel like going back to fix it.  

So, long story short, we love our closet and pantry addition! It's never felt so good to have the things we use everyday so organized and accessible! 


  1. LOVE it!!! Wow so loverly to be married to such a handy dandy guy!!! You guys work well together your house is well on its way to being the "showstopper" of the neighborhood!!! XXOO

  2. Aunt Pam, you're too sweet! And, yes, he is extremely nice to have around. I hold my own pretty well though most times :)

  3. I must say you're right it looks like it was always meant to be there, if you had never seen the house before you would never know the difference. Love the space in the pantry (my favorite) especially the little stool !!!

  4. Oh my goodness!! As I started this I was filled with anticipation of what it was gonna look like and I LOVE it! How cool! I seriously love how handy you guys are... y'all are living my dream! It looks perfect!