Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yarn Forest

About halfway through this project, I realized, I need to rename this blog See What I Can Wrap in Yarn.  

See, when I first learned to crochet and knit, I would buy yarn all the time.  Every time I saw a color I loved, I would buy it, whether I had a project lined up or not.  So, my yarn stash has become a bit large over the years.  In an effort to use up some of my stash, I have started using the yarn in some of my home decorating projects. 

For this project, I started with some foam and paper mache cones, glue, and yarn. Since I have very few resources in our little town (aka no craft store), I tried to use items I already had (yarn and glue). I picked up the foam cones at the dollar store, however, I did have to get the large cones on one of my recent trips to Michael's.   

I simply wrapped the cones in yarn, glueing as I went along. (I started with Tacky Glue, but quickly moved to regular Elmer's glue, which helps the project go much quicker since it's thinner than the tacky glue, and another plus, it's much cheaper.)

Once I was done wrapping all of my cones (or trees), I placed them in my wooden herb box that my mom found me (Thanks Mom!), and placed my forest on the dining table. I tried placing many different things down in the box, at the base of the trees. I wanted something that looked like snow. I tried cotton balls, white yarn, a string of white lights, silver bells, and batting.  I didn't like any of them, and decided just to leave the box empty.   

This project is simple, and pretty fast, and can be done in any color. Since green is my favorite color, I chose every different shade of green I had in my stash.
Now, we're off to pick out our Christmas tree.  Not a yarn wrapped one, a real one.  Do you have your tree up yet?  


  1. Sarah has been chompin at the bit since we got home from Phoenix on Sunday. Today is the day we put up our mega 10 ft tree and our outside trees, snowflakes(white lights of course) Heehee and we are even making over-sized peppermint candies. Not sure how we will use those yet but...looked cute in Family Fun. I LOVE all your ideas, maybe I'll set up a blogspot one day too I love checking in on you guys! Miss you and enjoy all your creativity!!XO

  2. So pretty! I love checking out all of your homemade things, they're so cute! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

  3. OK, just love this look, how very "green" and foresty looking, finally got our decos up inside and out, even wrapped the BIG palm trees out front, actually looks pretty good. Can't wait to see your multi colored lit tree. Hurry up would you !!! Love you

  4. Love the trees! So earthy and love the herb box.

  5. ♥ your trees! so pretty& simple, i love simple bc it looks neater! :)
    ~rachel deneen

  6. I've decided I need to go shopping with your mom and crafting with you!

  7. Amanda, WOW! Those look awesome. You are so creative :)

  8. I started thinking . . . (dangerous, I know!), but if you wanted to put something in the base of the box and the things you tried did not work out, go with something NOT white. Like try acorns or sticky balls (sweetgum balls) or maybe even whole coffee beans. Brown would at least give you a texture around them but not the stark white that did not work with the other items. Just a thought maybe for next year!