Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Home for Lunch: A Spring Table

The weather around these parts (South Georgia that is) has been quite beautiful recently.  Spring is definitely on it's way, and coming home from work everyday and seeing this is not exactly our idea of a good time.  But, with some new freelance work I have started, Alan finishing up the last class of his Masters degree (he's so smart) and the projects we ALWAYS have going on around the house, sometimes, the dining table ends up this way.  True story.  It's our reality right now.  You know, since we like to keep it real around here.  Well, this is definitely real for us right now.

So, today, instead of having to come home to this mess at the end of our day, I decided this would be my little lunchtime project.  I know, I know, cleaning off the table is a pretty lame thing to write an entire blog post about.  BUT, I did manage to bring in a little Spring cheer and now, we get to come home to this

Ahhh....  Much better. 

I picked up these cheerful napkins (4 for only a few bucks) and the blue table runner on clearance at Target.   

I also added this other succulent that I picked up at the nursery yesterday for under $4.  I planted it in a little white Ikea vase I had sitting around, just waiting to have something beautiful living in it. 

Along with a tall green vase (for more added color) and some yellow twine wrapped around a white candle (just to make it a little extra special), that's all there was to it.  I corralled everything on a white tray I have from Ikea.  It makes it easier to pick everything up in one fowl swoop if we need to get the table ready for a big supper. However, if it's just the two of us, the runner and tray can stay put, since we sit at one end of the table. 

So, how is the weather in your neck of the woods? Felt any sun on your face yet?  

We are welcoming Spring with open arms and a table ready for friends to gather around.  
Cheers to Spring!


  1. Love it, soooo simple but perfect. Is that a pile of fabric on the chair??? Lots of projects awaiting. Looks good, I love the lamps under the TV. I'm loving this lunchtime stuff.

  2. Ummm hello Alan has the best wifey EVER! What a nice surprise and beautiful I might add! Seriously, seriously in love with the table! Do you have 2 tables though? I could have sworn the one around Thanksgiving was long not square...?

  3. Nope, we just have one table. It's square, but has a leaf as well. We had the leaf pulled out for Thanksgiving, but it's still pretty square.