Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's for Lunch?

I am thankful to have a job that allows me to go home for work everyday.  We live only a few miles from where I work, so I have about 40 minutes or so to spend time with the furballs, grab something to eat, and run whatever errands I have.  

Today, I came to the conclusion that life around these parts is not getting any less busy.  It will probably only get more hectic! So, in an effort to make sure I get to do the things I love (working on our house, decorating, crafting, etc), I have started a little project during the month of March.

A little something I like to call Home for Lunch.

In order to get my ongoing projects finished, and my upcoming projects started, I am going to devote a little time each day to working on them.  This time is going to be while I am home for lunch everyday.  I normally watch some mind numbing television show, and waste away this little break in my day.  Starting today, I will try to do one little project around the house, or work on a portion of a much larger project, hopefully making a much needed dent in our ever-growing to do list. 

For my first day home for lunch, I did a little plant project.  I stopped by the nursery next door to where I work to pick up some succulents - my favorite indoor plants.  They are beautiful, and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. (And, best of all, they take very little attention and care, just a little water every now and then). 
Today, I found a burro's tail for just under $4.  Using a hanging pot and hook I already had on hand, I started a little vertical succulent garden in my home office/craft room.  

I plan to add more plants slowly and eventually have a great plant wall to gaze at while I am working and sewing! 
Here's a sneak peek of the fun, whimsical curtains in my new office/craft room.  Yep, those are little owls. There's squirrels too! As more projects start getting done via Home for Lunch I hope to share more progress on the space!  Until next time, enjoy your lunch!


  1. Great idea, I knew you'd make good use of your time instead of watching the horrible tv. Way to go, now I'm excited to see new blogs about "lunchtime". Love U

  2. I ran two miles for our team lean team, and you work on ways to grow more food...

  3. Ummm . . . where the heck did you get that fabric? My owl collection is at school now b/c Bo said it was getting a little creepy! I need that fabric! Love the plants, too!

  4. Oh so fun! I've been recently getting annoyed with my mind numbing tv shows that I watch to waste the time. This is great! Gives me inspiration to put down the tv remote and do a little work too! Did you use to use the pots for q-tips and cotton balls? They look familiar!

  5. Yep! This pot was leftover from the ones in the bathroom. I had an extra.