Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pie Anyone?

My parents have had this old pie safe in their house forever...literally, we brought it back with us from Belgium, where we lived when I was younger. My Dad was in the military and we lived in both Germany and Belgium. My Mom found some really beautiful treasures antiquing her way across Europe and they have decorated my parent's home ever since. Lets just say, we traveled a lot while we lived overseas. I wish I could remember all of the amazing places we went (I was still pretty young). Pictures help to jog my memory a tad. 

According to my Dad, when I was young, in kindergarten I believe, I spoke fluent French. He came to have lunch with me on day and was surprised when he saw me carrying on a conversation with my teacher, in French. I wish I could still impress my Dad with my French, but unfortunately, it was a foreign language again to me in high school. 

Oh yea, back to the pie...
Here's the pie safe.  It's upside down, but you get the point. It has glass sides and screens on the door and the back.

My Mom always had it up on a little table, displaying antique glassware. I knew I wanted to try to attach legs to it. So, I grabbed every table leg Lowe's had, and picked my favorite.

Can you guess which one I chose? What's your favorite?
Along with the table legs I also picked up some stains to see what would match the existing piece.

I tried multiple colors, I tried mixing colors, but there was no hope in getting a perfect match to the weathered over many, many years finish of the pie safe. I really hated to have to paint the beautiful old wood, but without a perfect match I knew it just wouldn't look right. So, with my Mom's blessing, and help (yep, she came to visit me for an entire week!)we got the pie safe painted and moved into my office/craft room.
I think the gray was a perfect, neutral choice for this piece. Alan did a perfect job attaching the legs for me, and I love it even more than I did before!

It's the perfect place to store my fabrics. We left the inside unpainted, so there is still plenty of the original wood remaining.  I love the contrast of the old wood next to the new gray paint. 

And, for me, it's really all in the details.

My Mom's favorite detail:   (I think it's my favorite too)   BONJOUR!

My office/craft room is coming along...slowly, but surely.  


  1. Amanda i am in LOVE with this piece!! and the legs finished it off seriously it looks amazing!!

  2. Love this project Amanda! Nice curtains, by the way...I have it hanging in the kid's shower! I knew I liked your style ;D

  3. Thanks Laina! I am really loving it, a lot :)
    Yep Brandie, I definitely have kid's shower curtains as curtains in my office. I love something a little whimsical, and owl and squirrels were too hard to pass up!

  4. Love what you did to the piece! And love seeing your fabric! We need to swap some with each other. I get sick of looking at what I have, but I can't afford to go get tons of new stuff!

  5. Robin! I would love to swap fabric! Most all of mine came from the Wal-Mart in Jesup (which we drive through from Moultrie to RH). My Mom discovered it one time. It was all only a few bucks...so I loaded up! I can't afford the nicer stuff

  6. Mmmm love this piece! And LOVED your craft room when I came to visit!