Sunday, July 24, 2011

Work Hard, Play Hard

Last week we worked really hard to get this wood pile chopped and split. (And, if you're wondering where all of this came from, I am going to share our backyard summer adventure with you this week. This is only the beginning...).   

This pile has been chopped up and piled high in our backyard from the start of our "backyard adventure". 

So, all we had to do was split it for use in our fireplace. (Yep, we chop wood in the middle of the summer for cold winter days and nights). Thanks to Alice, we were able to use this handy machine. (Thanks for finding the wood splitter, Alice. We broke it in pretty well for you!). 

Once we were finished, we had a pile of firewood as tall as me. (We were happy to be done!)

We are really interested to see if this will last us through the winter. I am sure you're thinking...wait, they live in South Georgia, it doesn't get very cold down there. Why are they chopping wood for the winter?

Well, it actually DOES get cold enough for a short amount of time in the winter months to make fires. Since we don't run our heat in the winter, fires are our main source of heat. Our large wood burning fireplace was one of the reasons why we chose this house. There's nothing like getting cozy by a warm fire when it's chilly outside (and inside). 

We recently had our fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected, so we are ready to welcome winter weather with open arms and a warm fire (which won't be for a pretty long time). 

We only use down trees for fire wood, or in this year's case, trees that HAD to be chopped down!

After a productive start to last week, we joined our friends at the beach for some fun in the sun. 

We are back home now pondering where we'll store our winter wood supply and what final projects we can finish up before the new school year starts next week. 


  1. Why do you not turn on the heat? That cracks me up! Still wish I had the energy that you and Alan do to tackle things like this!

  2. This post of course makes me laugh, feel bad (bc of the trees), and laugh some more mainly because of your very cheerleader like poses in both pictures of you! Love you!