Tuesday, April 12, 2011

All in the Family

Last month, Mpix, where I get all of my large photos and canvases printed, was having a print sale.  Yippee! I knew just what I wanted to get printed.  A family photo. 

And, I knew just where I wanted to hang it.  Here, above our little desk in the living room.  You might remember this little corner from Christmastime, with our wreath and red chair.  

Well, a while back, on a shopping trip to Target I came across a ton of frames on clearance. I have been hanging onto them until I found just the right photo for them.  They weren't regular sizes (all poster frames), so I had to work a little faux matte magic in photoshop. 

But, for less than five bucks, I didn't mind a few extra seconds of computer work.

Conveniently, Mpix ships their photos attached to cardboard, so it was pretty much the easiest fix imaginable. I had to order a 20x24 photo and cut it down to an 18x24 to fit my frame. You can see here how I simply added a little extra white space around my photo to give it that matted feel, without bothering with actually making or buying a custom matte. 

So, for about $25, we have a really great family photo gracing our walls.

This photo was taken the day before our wedding in New York City. It's probably one of my favorites from the whole trip.  I am sad that Alan's sister and her family aren't in the photo, but we almost got everyone in - so, I am counting it as a win!

Here's the photo, if you want a better look at it. It was cold, even though everyone looks awfully happy, and warm! (sort of)....


  1. Love, Love, Love this pic as well and yes we were very cold but it was sooooo worth it. Had such a great time and people are still talking about that awesome wedding. Wouldn't change a thing it was perfect !!!!!