Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bringing in a Little More Spring

Well, I guess adding these little touches of spring around the house wasn't enough, because I had an itch to do more.
My mom brought me these sweet little eggs that I added to our table right away.  

I have wanted to try to make some sweet little pinwheels for a while now.  So, I did, and realized that it was so easy, I should have tried them earlier.  A simple square of scrapbook paper, pushpins, hot glue, and dowels. I think they are adorable.  I shoved some scrap paper down in my vase to keep the dowels steady. An instant centerpiece and plenty of added spring cheer!

My next little project that I have been meaning to try out for a while now is so simple and fast, I promise anyone can do it.  In fact, I will probably teach my niece next time she visits.  I could really see her having fun making strands and strands of finger knitted garland or necklaces or scarves. There's so many possibilities.

I came across these two tutorials and combined the two different finger knitting styles to make some fun spring garland for the mantle. This little project is so easy that I already know what's going on our Christmas tree this year - yarn garland.  I just can't get enough of it!
It's kind of quirky and really fun and whimsical, so I simply love it.  
Seriously, you should go grab so yarn, string, strips of old t-shirts, whatever you can find.  Get to knitting! You won't be sorry! 


  1. OK, SERIOUSLY, why didn't you show me how to do that garland when i was there. LOVE IT !!! and the pinwheels, girl where do you find the time and your house looks soooo homey. I'm loving it, still want to see your grass growing in the window sill Love U

  2. Dang you are just too cute and fun!! LOVE the new additions!!