Sunday, April 10, 2011

Away from Home {at the beach}

This was my view Friday.

Being a teacher means a week long vacation for Alan. Him and some other friends (who are also teachers) enjoyed a week at the beach fishing, and enjoying some needed relaxation. Myself and the other wives (who had to work all week) took Friday off and headed to the beach.  Two dogs, three women, and luggage packed into a rental car was completely worth doing this for a day or so.
Just completely relaxing on the beach.
With our dogs.

At first, Magnus was unsure about his first road trip.  However, he got used to the cool sand...but never got used to the waves chasing him back to shore.
Harley was right there with him, hanging out on the beach...steering clear of the water.
Alan was doing was Alan does, I'll give you one guess
The guys fished day and night, and now Alan is affectionately known as the shark wrangler.
We have returned home and are rejuvenated.  Thank goodness for a relaxing and restful getaway.  


  1. Oh my goodnes, looks like everyone had a great time, even the 4 legged ones. Did Alan really catch that shark????? WOW are you going to be mounting that in the "MAN CAVE".?? Glad you had a good time, can't wait till Sept.

  2. I know you can't mount a shark, and was wondering if that was a catch and release fish?

  3. Yes, this shark was returned safely to the ocean.