Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Colors of Fall

We are still getting geared up for Thanksgiving here in Georgia and I wanted an easy way to freshen up the table to get it ready for guests to gather around Thursday.  Since I moved the pumpkins and table runner to what will be Thursday's dessert table I needed something else to adorn our dining table. Over the weekend, I picked up a more heat friendly runner from Target for our main table, but it needed a little something more.

With a little inspiration from my favorite home design bloggers, I stepped out to our backyard and plucked a few branches from the only tree in our yard that changes color in the fall.  According to Alan, who was a high school 4-H tree expert, the tree isn't native. He doesn't know what it is. But, there's one thing I do know, it's beautiful this time of year!

Don't you agree?

After a few minutes of arranging, our dining table looked perfect. Really simple, yet again, (are you beginning to catch on to the theme of our house. Yea, we're pretty simple around here).   

I clipped the branches over the weekend, so by now, they are getting ready to fall off and turn into a pile of leaves on the table.  You can see they are starting to look a little wilted.    

You can see how the ones on the dessert table have already started to fall.

They are still so bright and beautiful, so I don't really mind cleaning up a leaf or two. Since they are completely free, I can clip some new branches before our guests arrive Thursday, that is, if there are any leaves left on the tree by then.  


  1. :) Love the beautiful fall leaves... I would say you are so green but the leaves aren't exactly green anymore... ok I know that's corny! haha

    Anyways... I don't think I mentioned this before but I love your dining table! AND... I love the little glass vase you used on the dessert table. Really cute! Where did that come from?

  2. Haha. Emily, you crack me up! Yea, we are really happy with our table, other than the fact that it only seats 8. However, since we don't have a formal dining room, we don't exactly have room for a table for 12. We are really happy to have found it after only going to a couple of stores. The price wasn't too bad either. The vase was a Mom find I believe. She probably picked it up at an antique store or yard sale.

  3. We should plan an antiquing trip! :)