Monday, November 1, 2010

From the Front to the Back

Really, it's more like the back to the front.  We actually had the idea to pot some plants for the fall for our back steps before we added the ones in the front. (We liked these so much, we went back the next day to add our front porch plants).  

The way our house is set up, our driveway is in the back of our lot. So, when we have guests, they come in through our back door.  

Well, our back steps were looking a little less than inviting.  So, we decided that some potted plants would be the perfect solution.  

Like before, we started with some spray paint and terra cotta pots. After a few coats of paint, they were ready for plants.  

We used the same plants as the front, however, we put them all in the large pot.  

These have really grown in the course of a month and we think they look beautiful.  An imperfect and colorful arrangement.  

We think they make an inviting entryway for our guests.  (We like seeing them when we get home from work as well). 


  1. You know how I am about pots and flowers - front and back. Though our guests come in the front more than back, we use the back more so I love coming home to color. Digging in dirt is therapeutic for me! Yours look great!

  2. So I just caught up on your last 7 posts and I'm dying to come visit now! I wished we lived closer....