Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Tale of Christmas Past

As I pulled down the one measly bin of Christmas decorations we have from the attic today, I got to thinking about how we decorated the house for the holidays last year.  Since we were in the midst of planning what ended up being the most amazing trip EVER (more on that later), we didn't do very much decorating. We picked out and chopped down our first Christmas tree together, because I had never done it (we had an artificial tree growing up).  

So, when it came to decorating the tree, we wanted to keep everything simple (yet again), and cheap (that's how we roll). So I grabbed some pine cones from the yard (yet again), and added a bit of silver spray paint, a dab of hot glue, and a little red ribbon. 

Presto. Chango. Instant Christmas ornaments.

Add some classic red ball ornaments and the only other ornaments we owned at the time, a little Red and Black from our Alma Mater. Go Dawgs! 

We didn't have any theme planned when it came to decorating our first Christmas tree, but it just so happened that with the silver pine cones, red balls, white lights, and what turned out to be a lot of Georgia ornaments, we were officially sporting a UGA Christmas tree without even meaning to.  However, that was fine with us, since just a year earlier around the same time, we were in Athens graduating.  It brought back so many great memories we made at school.  The kind of memories you won't ever forget.

Yep, you saw our tree correct, and even though this was the night we put the tree up, the tree skirt stayed that bare until we took the tree down in January. No gifts were wrapped and placed under the tree last year. We had gifts in the making that couldn't be wrapped or put under our tree. Gifts in the form of wedding plans in far off big cities.           

You can see little Baxter in the picture with us.  We had just adopted him a few weeks prior to this picture.  He was so tiny, so sweet and thought that we brought the tree inside just for him.  Good thing he didn't weigh enough to do any real damage. 

Other than our decorated tree, a fresh wreath on the front door and some lit garland over the mantle, we didn't have any other decorations for our first Christmas together in our lil house. We really didn't need any of that to make the holiday special.  There were other events that followed later in the month that made the holiday season unforgettable for us.  


  1. Ok I really love the pinecones... did you use any special spray paint or just get any metalic silver? And did you have any problems with them closing up? Basically any tips on doing these because I want to! :)

  2. Emily, I just used a regular silver metallic spray paint. Nothing special. Nope, no problems with them closing up. I simply plucked them off the ground and made sure they weren't crushed and were still in good shape. I wore yellow kitchen gloves to hold the pinecone while I sprayed it. It was easiest to get every angle that way, instead of laying them on a flat surface and it kept my hands paint free. Then, after they dried really well, I cut some thin red ribbon and hot glued both ends to the pinecone, making a loop for it to hang from. Really easy and pretty quick little project too!