Monday, November 22, 2010

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I wanted to share a recipe I have whipped up for the second, yes, second time this fall already!  These cookies are amazing and I am so glad I came across them on Dana's blog

The only change I made to her recipe was the addition of a few spices in the frosting.  I have never made cream cheese icing before, and apparently I'm not a big fan unless there's a little cinnamon, nutmeg, or just some pumpkin pie spice in it.  Yum!

The first time I made these I used regular size chocolate chips, and this time around I tried mini chocolate chips.  The minis melted much quicker, giving the cookies a bit more of a chocolate kick.  However, there's not a big difference in the taste, and they are divine either way. 

Head over to MADE for the recipe, and while you're there, look around a bit.  You won't be sorry.

Here's what the Hurst kitchen looked like last night.

Delicious! Simply Delicious! 


  1. OK, even your carbless eating mom will have to give them a try. Looks YUMMY

  2. Your Weight Watchers Aunt Betty hopes you have some left over for Saturday night!

  3. Don't have time ot bake right now! Just send me and the kiddos some! Ha! Ha!

  4. Amanda, I read this post yesterday and my mouth was watering so much I just had to make them! They are sooooo delicious! You were right! You have some very cute things on your blog and have already shown me more cute blogs to follow. I love it! I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family!

  5. Betty, I will be sure to save some for everyone to try Saturday!
    Brandie, I am so glad you enjoyed them! I doubled the batch this time around, so there are cookies everywhere! (which is okay, since they are an easy crowd pleaser). I hope you guys have a blessed Thanksgiving! Hope to see everyone again soon.

  6. OMG I want to leave work right now and go make some! YUM!!!