Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Swinging Away

I'm back with another update on our lil 'ol porch.  Yep, I know what you're thinking.  I am not being very organized with my blog posts lately.  Well, actually, I meant to do that.  I am going for a skip around, no real order, free as a bird, keep you coming back for more approach.  Is it working?

Well, since our porch has been one of the easiest places in our home to update, I have a lot left to share with you.  See, easy is what we like. Making easy, quick changes to our home is rewarding.  Our house didn't get much love before we came into it's life, and we like to do little things to make it OUR home.  This project is just one of those little things.

One of the very first additions we bought for our porch was a porch swing.  Well, we didn't buy it necessarily.  My parents gave it to us as a wedding gift of sorts.

I grew up with a swing on my front porch and am rather fond of swinging. It makes our house feel like home to me.  Reminds me of days when I was young and ventured to the front porch just to swing.  And, no, I don't swing 24/7.  I wish I had time to, but it is nice knowing the swing is there whenever I want to feel like a kid again, with no worries or responsibilities.  I mean, who doesn't love to swing?  And, the best part about our swing, there's room for more than one!  Because swinging by yourself is great and all, but swinging with someone you love is even better.  

We wanted to put one up last winter, but had to wait until the Spring since they are a "spring" item and couldn't be found in the stores during the colder months.  

It was pretty easy to put together, and is the best place to enjoy sitting any time of day.

We now have a great spot to relax, take in some fresh air, and enjoy our neighborhood.  


  1. I love a porch swing!! Had one on our house too when I was little. No room now since no real front porch. Jed is also fond of swinging. That is always what we do at the park. Bo thinks I spend more money on the outside stuff for our house then I do on the inside! GA lends itself to being outside so much more so might as well make it look good!

  2. This post just warms my heart and brings me back to my love for swinging on the backporch at home and on the swingsets on the playground growing up... And the room for more than 1 was always better. :)